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MTG Utrecht - Language Café

Meet the Germans would like to invite you to our German Language Café on 23rd of March 2017 at 7.30pm. March 23 is the German Language Day in The Netherlands. The Language Café takes place at PUSCHKIN Ridderschapstraat 1, 3512 CM Utrecht, Niederlande.

What is the Language Café about?
We've got several language tables for each language where everybody can play language games and have some specialities (to drink or to eat) from Germany. Therefor you have on every table a different menu card with drinks and some snacks. A cosy ambiance makes a nice evening with people interested to get into conversations in German and to get to know new people.

A "Trajectum Lumen Tour" (starts at 9.30pm) completes the evening.

The Language Café is for free, everybody of every age and nationality is welcome to join. We invite anybody that is interested to join. Registration is necessary. Please send an email to sprachcafe@meetthegermans.info or a whatsapp message to +31 626 610 380.

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