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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is situated in Western Europa. But also, the islands Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten in the Caribbean Sea belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There are also the special communities Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba called the Caribbean Netherlands.
The capital is Amsterdam, but the parliament and government are settled in The Hague. Around 25% of the country is below the sea level. However, the country is protected by 3000km dikes. 1  2  3  4

The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU, part of the Eurozone and as well as being a part of the Schengen Area and the trilateral Benelux Union. The prime minister is Mark Rutte and the King of the Netherlands is Willem-Alexander. The country has an area of 42 thousand km², and around 17 million inhabitants are living there. The four biggest cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. In Rotterdam, there is the largest port in Europe. 2  5  6  7  8



Leisure is an important point in a new neighborhood! Here you meet people, and you can discuss your new life.

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You want to move? You want to rent or buy a house? Any daily life questions? In need of a babysitter? You want to get around? We can give you the first answers.

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The work environment is certainly different in The Netherlands. We give you tips and explain the basics. Register at our job exchange www.germanexpats.info. Maybe you will find your dream job.

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Are you looking for a German speaking doctor? Or a baker with German bread? Then you are exactly at the right place. Be it a German school, a good dentist or ”German” food, we are always happy to help.

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Fun facts

  • There are more bikes in Holland than inhabitants. In Holland, there are around 17 million inhabitants and around 22,5 million bikes. 9
  • Around 355 000 Germans are living in the Netherlands. 104 000 of them are 'First Generation Germans'; they are not born in the Netherlands. 10
  • Why is the national colour orange? It’s the color of the royal family. Willem of Orange is the forefather of the royal family. 11
  • The Netherlands is famous for tulips. But did you know tulips are originally from Turkey? There is a legend that it was a present from the Turkish sultan to a Dutch nobleman. 12
  • The Netherlands was the first country which legalized gay marriage. This happened in 2001.13
  • Putting the flag out and hanging your child’s school bag on the pole is a sign that they have passed their high school exams! You will see this all over Holland around the second week of June.
  • Have you heard about Suriname? It was a colony from the Netherlands. The official language there is still Dutch. People from Suriname belong to one of the biggest immigration groups in the Netherlands.14
  • According to a study, people living in the Netherlands are the healthiest in the world. 15
  • The Netherlands is a very low and flat country. The only height constructions are bridges, some buildings, and in the South, the Vaalserberg (322,4m, MASL). Dutch people then often are talking about mountains.
    Note: The highest point of the Netherlands is with 877 meters of Mount Scenery on the Caribbean island Saba! 2  16

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Meet the Germans

We started Meet the Germans in the neighbouring country of Germany. Currently, we are mostly active in and around Utrecht. We are also interested in other parts of the Netherlands; perhaps you want to support us? If you are interested, please send us a message.

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