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Public Holidays in the Netherlands


Pentecost (nl: pinksteren) commemorates the sending of the Holy Spirit. The name comes from the Greek (πεντηκοστὴ ἡμέρα pentēkostē hēméra) and means 'fiftieth day'. It is the fiftieth day after Easter and commemorates the Christian Church's founding.

It was first mentioned as a Christian festival in the year 130. During Pentecost, it is celebrated that the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Blessed Trinity, descended from heaven upon the apostles and the other believers present. It is thus the feast of the sending of the Holy Spirit.

Public holiday, day off & opening hours

Whit Sunday and Whit Monday (nl: eerste en tweede pinksterdag) are official public holidays in the Netherlands. Whether or not you have to work on these days depends on your collective agreement or employment contract. It is the case throughout the country that public institutions, schools and offices are closed on Whit Monday.

Similar to Easter, many shops are closed on Sundays and open on Mondays. However, this depends very much on local regulations and permits. Please check the opening hours on the respective website well in advance.

Whether shops are open on Sundays varies from municipality to municipality. The basic principle of the Shop Opening Act is that shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays before 6:00 am and after 10:00 pm. But municipalities can grant permission to shop owners to open their shops on these days and at these times. Besides Sunday, these are:

  • New Year's Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Monday
  • both Christmas Days

Festivals and weekends away

Dutch people use these days to visit one of the many festivals, to take advantage of a "lang weekendje weg", or to visit family or friends. Therefore, expect traffic jams and crowds at tourist sites. If you want to book a trip, do it in good time.

Pentecost in the Netherlands:

Pinksteren 2023 Pentecost 2023 Whit Sunday, 28th May 2023
Whit Monday, 29th May 2023
Pinksteren 2024 Pentecost 2024 Whit Sunday, 19th May 2024
Whit Monday, 20th May 2024
Pinksteren 2025 Pentecost 2025 Whit Sunday, 8th June 2025
Whit Monday, 9th June 2025
Pinksteren 2026 Pentecost 2026 Whit Sunday, 24th May 2026
Whit Monday, 25th May 2026
Pinksteren 2027 Pentecost 2027 Whit Sunday, 16th May 2027
Whit Monday, 17th May 2027
Pinksteren 2028 Pentecost 2028 Whit Sunday, 4th June 2028
Whit Monday, 5th June 2028
Pinksteren 2029 Pentecost 2029 Whit Sunday, 20th May 2029
Whit Monday, 21st May 2029
Pinksteren 2030 Pentecost 2030 Whit Sunday, 9th June 2030
Whit Monday, 10th June 2030
Pinksteren 2031 Pentecost 2031 Whit Sunday, 1th June 2031
Whit Monday, 2nd June 2031