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Shopping in the Netherlands

German products

Germans, Austrians and Swiss citizens living in the Netherlands often miss products from their homeland. Delivery costs from these countries to the Netherlands are usually high, and the delivery time is extended.

But we have a few tips to at least get German products and food:

A day trip across the border

Border towns such as Emmerich, Bocholt, Kranenburg, and Kleve can be reached quickly from the Randstad. A drive takes me about 90-120 minutes by car, and you can shop there in various shops. If you live in Drenthe, Groningen or Overijssel, you can drive to Bad Bentheim, Lingen or Leer. People from Limburg are known to like shopping in Moers, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, and Aachen.

We recommend taking a cooler (cool box) with you because otherwise the bought Maultouches, Saumagen or Weißwürste are not delicious after the return journey.

Tip: Because of the significant difference in gasoline prices, it is worth it to refuel in Germany! And overall, the shopping trip can be very rewarding. It will take time, but a big purchase in the drugstore will save the right amount of money. If you also use your Paypback card, you can also collect points and use them again for the next trip to Germany.

But be careful: your purchases should not be commercial, and there are limits. The Dutch tax office (Belastingsdienst) provides a good overview. The regular bulk purchase is not in conflict with the law.

Ask the German-speaking community

Numerous cross-border commuters travel daily from the Randstad to Germany to work there, or relatives or friends are visited on weekends or days off. Maybe there is the possibility to bring a little something? Asking the German community cannot hurt. Perhaps someone can bring something.

Shopping in the Netherlands

The fact that many good bakers in the Netherlands bake sourdough bread has probably already spread. Other products can be found again and again in supermarkets during action weeks. The leader is Lidl, who already has some well-known German products in the assortment.

Order online

Ok, ordering stuffed mackerel or other foods online is likely to be complicated. But especially Amazon offers customers with the Prime membership and subscription orders many advantages. German products are delivered relatively quickly, sometimes free of charge and very cheaply to the Netherlands, depending on the shop rules.

German drugstores usually do not offer delivery abroad. However, the delivery can be made to a branch or a post office on the border. With the latter points, however, there are some rules to follow. You should be well informed in advance, because otherwise, it may be that the shipment is not accepted and sent back.

Send by family or friends

If you have a good relationship with your family or friends, you can get a package with products from your home country. But most of the costs are high transport costs. Besides, this method is unfortunately not suitable for refrigerated products.

This will be a Bienenstich
This will be a Bienenstich

Be creative

Many typical German, Austrian or Swiss dishes can be made by yourself. Just grab Grandma's cookbook (or search the internet) and buy the ingredients at the Dutch supermarket. Even sourdough and yeast can be created by yourself. But one thing is needed: time!

Polish shops

In some Dutch cities, there are Polish shops (Poolse supermarket), which also sell many "German" products. It should not be underestimated that many dishes are not very country bound. Just have a look, it's worth it!