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HBO (hoger beroepsonderwijs) stands for higher vocational education and is the Dutch version of the higher applied education institutes. For a hbo degree, at least one havo degree, a Fachabitur, is required. Cross-entry is also possible. The bachelor program lasts four years and is very practice-oriented. Often several different internships are part of the study. The structure of the study looks very well-schooled. There is usually little freedom in terms of subject selection and exams. During the study, the University of Applied Sciences offers a lot of support for the students. You have a personal mentor and the seminars take place in small groups. Unlike studying at the university, hbo studies are usually designed for a specific job.

WO (wetenschappelijk onderwijs) means studying at the university. To study at the university, a vwo degree, the general high school diploma, is necessary. It is also possible after one year at a Dutch college (hogeschool) to change to the university. A bachelor's degree takes three years. Compared to a hbo degree, studying at the university is more theoretical, with more freedom and less mentoring. Through study, a student learns to think analytically and critically. Research is an important component of universities and is, in addition to teaching, the task of the lecturers.

After completing a bachelor's degree, a Master's degree is possible. A Masters in the Netherlands takes one to three years, depending on the field of study. If you want to continue to study at a university after completing a Bachelor's degree from the University of Applied Sciences, a premaster is often required. This facilitates the change to the teaching method of the university.

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A page that offers very extensive information about studying in the Netherlands is Studieren in Holland. From application through tuition fees to study quality, all questions are answered there.

 Each university and college also has an International Office with helpful tips for international students. Do not hesitate to contact the International Office.