We need you As a


All activities and these websites are supervised by volunteers. Read about the advantages of working as a volunteer. We would be happy to welcome you as a team member.


You're not hired. You support us voluntarily. You can decide how often you want to support us with an activity.


Your network will grow. You will probably also generate other orders for your own business.



You can organize free activities according to your creativity. We will give you a lot of space and support you.


You can do almost anything. Except, not working against our ethical rules.



As a volunteer, you are a team member. But you don't need to be a contact person for our network or take any responsibilities.


Fun factor

You can share your passion and interests via your activities and have a good time with people with the same interests.

How We Work

The group

We are a group of mostly German-speaking people meeting each other occasionally for activities. Everybody is welcomed to join!


You can organize all kind of activities. For example, going to the theatre, go skating, go to a restaurant or just have a drink together in the city.

Increase your network

During the meetings and activities, you will get to know a lot of different people. Especially for self-employed persons, it's a great possibility to get new requests for your business.

Fun factor

With the activities and meetings that you organize, you can meet people with the same interests, and you can have a great time together.

Get more experience

You will get more experience in organizing activities and about socializing with new people.

Our Process

Getting in touch

Briefing & Kick-Off

First activities


Launch your own network


6 Good Reasons

To support us as volunteer


We treat you as a partner.


We are 100% independent.


We increase your network.


We make people happy.


People are grateful for your engagement.


We are here to stay and support you.

Differences between Ambassador & Volunteer

The functions of ambassador and volunteer can sometimes overlap. The ambassador as a contact person for the local network helps to support the business activities of Meet the Germans. Because without advertising, paid services or job advertisements Meet the Germans cannot exist. The volunteer organizes activities, which correspond to his hobby or his preferences. This overview shows the basic approaches:

Differences between Ambassador & Volunteer


  Ambassador Volunteer
Tasks Contact person for your country or area  
Organising activities optional –
Responsibilities Working according to our ethical rules – –
Responsibility for the organised activities – –
Earning money Advertising 40% per acquisition  
Job offers 40% per acquisition  
Expectations Motivation – –
Ideas for activities and organising activities –optional –
German in B2 – –
Language of the country and/or English in B2 – –
Responsible and kind contact person – –
Good with networking –  
Self-employment –  
Support Personal contact  
  Marketing equipment  
  Event equipment optional


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