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Public Holidays in the Netherlands

Mother's Day

Mother's Day (moederdag) in the Netherlands is traditionally celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May. In the Netherlands, mothers are treated to small gifts from their children and sometimes their partners. They enjoy a prepared breakfast in the morning, followed by excursions to the countryside.

Mother's Day gifts can be bought in shops weeks in advance. In the process, many organisations also offer specials for Mother's Day. Gifts are made in the kindergarten and primary school.

Mother's Day is not an official holiday in the Netherlands. Shops are open on Mother's Day, like on any other Sunday.

Mother's Day in the Netherlands:

Moederdag 2023 Mother's Day 2023 Sunday, 14th May 2023
Moederdag 2024 Mother's Day 2024 Sunday, 12th May 2024
Moederdag 2025 Mother's Day 2025 Sunday, 11th May 2025
Moederdag 2026 Mother's Day 2026 Sunday, 10th May 2026
Moederdag 2027 Mother's Day 2027 Sunday, 9th May 2027
Moederdag 2028 Mother's Day 2028 Sunday, 14th May 2028
Moederdag 2029 Mother's Day 2029 Sunday, 13th May 2029
Moederdag 2030 Mother's Day 2030 Sunday, 12th May 2030
Moederdag 2031 Mother's Day 2031 Sunday, 11th May 2031