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Public Viewing

Who would like to watch football with other fans in the Netherlands, can expect that there are no large public screenings as in Germany. Many (local) laws and rules make it almost impossible to organize such events. Football fans are more likely to meet in a restaurant to watch a match together.

Sports bars consistently offer many different games from many leagues. Other locations organize public viewing only for specific events, mostly inside the location. During major sporting events of the Dutch teams, it may be that a public viewing is organized in Amsterdam on the Museumplein.

We organize since 2012 for many matches of the German teams Public Viewings. In addition, we have compiled a practical overview, which you can view at https://www.public-viewing.nl. If you organize a public viewing yourself, then you can register this event there for free. We also gladly assist you with the organization.

If you also feel like cheering for the team together, then you can look forward to a nice evening. Questions? Then you are welcome to contact us at +31 626 610 380, +49 2832 406 309 (telephone & WhatsApp) or .