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Gas & Electricity in the Netherlands

Price comparison energy supplier

Note: Due to the special situation on the energy markets, most Dutch energy providers have paused the comparison tool. We have no influence on this state.

Check your contract regularly. The energy market experiences fluctuations and energy providers offer great welcome gifts.

To use the comparison tool, first click on "Wijzig gegevens". You can then enter your data in the configuration menu.

First enter your address and the current energy supplier. The second step asks for the household size. If you have the exact consumption at hand, this can be entered. In the price comparison you can choose between "Stroom en gas" (electricity and gas), "Alleen stroom" (electricity only) and "Alleen gas" (gas only). Depending on the configuration, a tailor-made list of providers is output.

For the monthly payments, however, is the average consumption, which existed in the last three years. These data are available to the energy companies.