We need you As an



You're not hired. You support us voluntarily or as a freelancer.

Potential earnings

You have numerous merits and always earn up to 30% of mediated orders.


Your network will grow. You will probably also generate other orders for your own business.


We have already created many free activities, but you can organize your free activities according to your creativity. We will give you a lot of space and will also support you with numerous tools and our network.


You can do almost anything. Except, not working against our ethical rules.


As an ambassador, you are a team member and an important contact person for our network.

How We Work

Innovation as a Service

We are new, we are innovative! We are there for everyone, whether a German-speaking international or a company looking for a German-speaking employee. We deliver service and exceptional quality. We help German-speaking people abroad. We are an open network.


As an ambassador, you can ensure that job ads and advertisements are placed on our website. You earn up to 30% of sales. You are also the contact person for our network, and you can organize your own activities. There is no fee for this service. You can increase your network and generate jobs for yourself.

An example: You win a new customer. The customer would like to place a SILVER ad on our website for three months and has to pay 60 EUR. You will receive 40% of 60 EUR. This means that you earn 24 EUR.1

Another example: You can find a company that is looking for German-speaking employees. The company books a job advertisement. For the silver package (three months) they pay 260 EUR. You get 40% of 260 EUR, which is equivalent to 104 EUR.1

1 The Ambassador can earn 40% commission on advertisements and/or 40% commission on job offers. The payment can only be made after a successful deal between us and the customer. Net prices, without any guarantee, no claim of correctness. It is just an example; current conditions are to be inquired.

Increase your network

During the meetings and activities, you will get to know a lot of different people. Especially for self-employed persons, it's a great possibility to get new requests for your business.

Earn money

As an ambassador, you can increase your network, and you can earn money. We pay you up to 30% commission if you arrange advert or job offer deals.

Learn and improve your talent

We set some rules, though Meet the Germans can be your playground. You can learn about networking, social influence, and event management. Improve your talent and be an ambassador.

What we expect

Being an ambassador is a great opportunity. You will get in contact with many people, and you will represent us, Meet the Germans. First and foremost, we expect few things:

Language is very important for meeting other people. That is the reason that we expect some language skills: German in B2 and Language of the country and/or English in B2.

Motivation and enthusiasm manifest as desire and interest, and as a driving force that pushes you to act and pursue goals. Be motivated, and other people will motivate you more.

Ideally, the ambassador is self-employed. That's why he is independent in his decisions. In addition, we can cash up with the ambassador in an easy way. However, self-employment is not a compulsion; it makes some situation only simpler.

Networking builds relationships and is good for you and us! Meeting more people leads to more business and career opportunities.

Our Process

Application as ambassador


Briefing & Kick-Off

First activities


be an ambassador

Launch your own network


6 Good Reasons

To support us as ambassador


We treat you as partners.


We are 100% independent.


We increase your network.


We make people happy.


You can earn money.


We are here to stay and support you.

Differences between Ambassador & Volunteer

The functions of ambassador and volunteer can sometimes overlap. The ambassador as a contact person for the local network helps to support the business activities of Meet the Germans. Because without advertising, paid services or job advertisements Meet the Germans cannot exist. The volunteer organizes activities, which correspond to his hobby or his preferences. This overview shows the basic approaches:

Differences between Ambassador & Volunteer


  Ambassador Volunteer
Tasks Contact person for your country or area  
Organising activities optional –
Responsibilities Working according to our ethical rules – –
Responsibility for the organised activities – –
Earning money Advertising 40% per acquisition  
Job offers 40% per acquisition  
Expectations Motivation – –
Ideas for activities and organising activities –optional –
German in B2 – –
Language of the country and/or English in B2 – –
Responsible and kind contact person – –
Good with networking –  
Self-employment –  
Support Personal contact  
  Marketing equipment  
  Event equipment optional


A network organization creating engaging life experiences.

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