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EYE in Amsterdam shows "Liebe in den Gängen" (Film premiere in NL)

The night wholesaler is a wonderful universe with endless, dimly lit corridors. In an industrial area in the former GDR (DDR), the working underclass fights through the shifts. For the shy Christian with his visible tattoos, which point to a rough past, a new world opens up. In one of the corridors he meets the mysterious Marion of the confectionery department and falls in love with her. However, his colleagues immediately tell him that it is not "available".

To show him the way in the department, his good-natured boss Rudi connects him with his chess colleague Bruno from the "Beverage Department", who teaches him tricks and driving the forklift truck. In the breaks at the coffee machine is still something between Christian and Marion. When she no longer appears at work, Christian falls into gloomy and old habits. A tragic event in the department makes it clear that the employees between the shelves form a close community, a warm bond that feels like a family to many of them.

LIEBE IN DEN GÄNGEN is a gentle and comical drama by director Thomas Stuber with Franz Rogowski (HAPPY END, VICTORIA, TRANSIT), Sandra Hüller (TONI ERDMANN) and Peter Kurth (GOOD BYE LENIN!) About the love and sadness between the shelves of a food wholesaler. LIEBE IN DEN GÄNGEN was part of the competition of the Berlin Film Festival and has received several awards.

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Q&A session with the director

after the movie

Following this film premiere there will be a question and answer session with the director Thomas Stuber.

Entrance fee & discount

Tickets can be ordered from EYE. For this we ask you to use this link. If the discount code LIEBE is entered when ordering, up to 2.50 EUR discount will be given. A single ticket costs only 7.50 EUR instead of 10.00 EUR.

We wish you a lot of fun and a nice movie night!

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