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MTG Utrecht - Trajectum Lumen

"A journey in the dark: Along artistically lit locations throughout Utrecht’s city centre!" [VVV Utrecht Information Centre]

We show you the most beautiful light art installations of Utrecht and provide extensive background information about the project, the various works of art, the historic city centre and bars/restaurants.

The walk starts at Puschkin Ontbijt&Lunch and take about 90 minutes. Please register by email to trajectumlumen@meetthegermans.info or whatsapp message to +31 626 610 380, free admission! Those with taste for nightlife can join a 'kroegentocht' afterwards.

NOTE: This tour is not guided by VVV Utrecht or other official tour operators, but rather by Meet the Germans.
The official webpage of trajectum lumen: http://www.trajectumlumen.com/ . There you can book an official tour.

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NL-Utrecht - Puschkin

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