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MTG Utrecht - Get Together - Edition #61

Let’s have a drink and some good talks!

We meet once a month for a drink. The primary purpose of this meet-up is to meet new people and regulars, in a relaxed environment. Whether you are new to Utrecht, just visiting, studying or a local you are welcome to join and just have a fun night with a variety of people. The exchange of experiences and meeting of new people are ranked first. Everyone is welcome to attend, it's an open invitation to all! There is no charge for anyone to attend this meeting, and no obligation to buy any drinks either!

If you cannot find it, please contact +31 6 26 610 380, +49 2832 406 309 or . No registration required.

This "borrel" will take place after the dance performance What I Meant To Say at Theater Kikker.

Location: STAN&CO, Ganzenmarkt 16A, 3512 GD Utrecht

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NL-Utrecht - STAN&CO

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