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Cultural Program in Utrecht - Project [ ] 2019

Project [ ] (Project blank) is a group of creative and passionate dancers in Utrecht. They have developed and present the dance production,

The Shape I’m In

Saturday, November 2nd | 14:00
Saturday, November 2nd | 20:00 (Meet the Germans Event)
Sunday, November 3rd | 14:00 (Meet the Germans Event)
Sunday, November 3rd | 20:00

The performance lasts about 90 minutes.

Location: Theater Kikker (grote zaal), Ganzenmarkt 14, Utrecht

We will meet there 15min before the show starts. The contact person for 'Meet the Germans' is Georg Köster. Georg will welcome you at the entrance on both days.

Please note that you have to buy a ticket for 14 EUR! Go to https://projectblank.nl/ and click on the corresponding link.

This activity is not organized by us, we just join the event!

Photography: Rick van Woudenberg
Branding & Design by Lydia de Boer

An event of Project Blank.

NL-Utrecht - Theater Kikker

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