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In the Netherlands, there are a lot of different activities from and for Germans. Of course, everyone else is also welcome! Joining the activities will help you to get to know new people, to integrate and to gain ground in your new home.

But the most important thing is to have a good time together!

If you are interested in our activities, please have a look at our calendar.


Type of activities

Our Activities

There are different activities offered by Meet the Germans. Some are organized by us, like the monthly meeting, public viewing for sports events, bike trips or literature evenings, though, we are also adding other activities. Then we’ll go together to events like the Friday Night Skating or a theater play. On the calendar on the left, you can have a look at the next activities.

Other Organisations' Activities

In the Netherlands, there are a few organizations who offer activities for Germans / Germans speakers, for example, the Goethe Institute. Here you can find the links to these organizations, so you can have a look at their activities.

Some impressions

Activity Basics

We have some rules:

  • Everybody is welcome! No matter who you are and where you come from.
  • All activities are offered for free. You only need to pay for extra costs, like for the entrée of a theater play. And you are responsible for your own consumption.
  • During the activities, you are responsible for yourself. The people who are organizing the activities, Meet the Germans or other related parties don’t guarantee for any damage. Please read our Terms of Use.
  • Normally, there is a contact person for every activity, who can give you more details or explanations. Otherwise, you can contact  or +31 626 610 380.

Do you want to help?

Do you have new ideas for activities? You have some (organizing) skills, or you like having fun? We are always interested in something new. You can let us know.

If you want to organize your own activities for Meet the Germans, you are welcome to become a volunteer.



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