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What is a cubic meter of gas or water?

Gas and water are measured in cubic meters (m³). In the Dutch language, this is a cubic meter. The term kuub is also used in everyday language.

A cubic meter owes its name to its shape, a cube. One cubic meter corresponds to the volume of a cube with an edge length of 1 meter. A cubic meter of gas (or water) means that a litres of 1x1x1m full of gas (or water) gets into a house through a gas pipe or water pipe.

Pieces of wisdom

The General Conference for Measure and Weight CGPM in 1964 restored the original definition of 1 litre = 1 dm³. One cubic meter, therefore, corresponds to 1,000 litres.


1 cubic meter = 1,000 cubic decimetres = 1,000,000 cubic centimetres = 1,000 litres = 1 kilolitre

Last update on 13. December 2019 by Horst Kowalski.

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