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How much does gas cost in the Netherlands?

The gas price in the Netherlands is made up of several components: basic tariff, energy tax, contribution to sustainable energy storage, gas surcharge (depending on location) and value-added tax. Your consumption is calculated in m³ (cubic meters).

The cost per used cubic meter is about 1,50 EUR (including all costs and taxes). An accurate prediction is unfortunately not possible; the price depends on the energy provider and the location of the connection.

Structure of the end customer price

Part of the gas price is set by the energy supplier. This part is the basic tariff, as stated in the gas contract. It can be freely chosen, from which energy supplier gas is obtained. At a fixed price (vast tarief), the basic rate will not be adjusted during the term of the contract. With a variable tariff (variabel tarief), the raw gas price can be adjusted twice a year by the energy supplier.

A large part of the gas price consists of the energy tax. The energy tax is determined by the government and adjusted annually. The energy tax was increased on 1 January 2019. For the same consumption, households will pay € 61 more in taxes on electricity and € 101 more on gas in 2019. That's because gas has increased energy tax rates. In the case of electricity, the higher tax is the result of a reduction in the tax credit, which applies to electricity connections and thus less reimbursed to households.[1]

Since 2013, a levy for "sustainable energy storage" has been paid per m³ of gas to promote the development of sustainable energy. This levy is called "Opslag Duurzame Energie" (ODE).

The Netherlands is divided into different gas regions. Natural gas is produced in the Netherlands in the province of Groningen. The amount of the surcharge depends on the distance that the gas from Groningen has to travel to the port. The larger the distance, the higher the surcharge. This surcharge is called "gasregiotoeslag" and is calculated per m³ gas consumption. This regio fee stopped in 2020.

Gas is taxed at 21% VAT. In other words, 21% VAT will be added to the basic charge, the energy tax and the ODE.

We recommend that you compare prices frequently.


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