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How can I change the energy provider in the Netherlands?

Changing the energy provider is relatively easy. And you do not have to worry about not delivering electricity or gas because the technical change happens smoothly, virtually, not at the end user.

They have to do that:

  • Control of the current contract regarding the contract period and notice period (30 days)
  • Reading and photographing the meter readings
  • Price comparison based on estimated or real consumption
  • Conclusion of a new contract
  • Termination of the old contract with confirmation request (insofar as the new provider does not offer this)

This is done by your new energy provider:

  • Sending the new contract
  • Termination of the old contract with the old provider (insofar possible and requested)
  • Ensures the smooth flow of the change
  • If requested: installation of a smart thermostat

You can or should do this:

  • Install the mobile app of the new energy provider (if necessary uninstall the software of the old provider)
  • Checking the new contract: Are all rates correct and will a bonus be charged?
  • Check and adjust the calculated monthly advance payment
  • Check the final bill of the old provider well (compare meter readings) and settle

Last update on 13. December 2019 by Horst Kowalski.

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