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Requirements and design of

ads and job offers

1 Requirements for texts

1.1 The contents to be transmitted to klimeck consulting must be correct in terms of form and content, currently applicable and comply with the specifications.

Unserious content are as follow:

• Reselling;
• Search Orders;
• Decoy offers;
• obviously not serious job vacancies;
• offers aimed at advertising a good or service;
• Offers made by private individuals
• Job vacancies with obviously incorrect information

1.2 The input masks provided by klimeck consulting during the registration and ordering process must be filled in completely and truthfully.

1.3 The specification of service telephone numbers whose dialing is directly or indirectly associated with special charges for the caller are not permitted.

1.4 The posting of content by the user in the name of third parties is inadmissible if no written consent of the claimant can be presented. In particular, no personal data (e.g., telephone numbers or addresses) may be entered in the database without the consent of the person concerned.

2 Requirements for images

2.1 The setting of image files that are not exclusively related to the job advertisement is prohibited. These include in particular image files with integrated logos, text and the like.

2.2 The user undertakes to only upload image files into the database which he may use without restrictions and which are not encumbered with third-party rights, in particular, third-party copyrights. The images used must not be misleading.

2.3 If in the database the setting of an image file in the form of a logo is provided, only the own logo may be used. The use of other image files that are not used as the logo of the content-hiring company is not permitted.